Definition of annotate in English:



  • Add notes to (a text or diagram) giving explanation or comment:

    ‘an annotated bibliography’
    • ‘I read it closely and annotated it extensively, as is my habit in reading generally.’
    • ‘Brown annotates every deliberate inaccuracy in the book's notes.’
    • ‘Not only do I underscore; I use brackets, carets, and braces; I annotate all four margins and I copiously turn down the edges (both top and bottom) of certain especially memorable pages.’
    • ‘I used to watch my dad as he placed our family photos in albums like this, neatly annotating them as he went along.’
    • ‘But, while I can annotate them, I can't copy any text at all into my notes.’
    • ‘Much of it consists of more or less richly annotated lists of the sorts of things one sees and experiences.’
    • ‘The quotation we gave above suggests that Li was given the task of correcting and annotating mathematical texts.’
    • ‘This style is matched by regular sidebars in which Anderson expands on and annotates concepts and formulas that appear in the text.’
    • ‘For Japanese speakers who use English as a second language, it is helpful to annotate this text in Japanese so that images may be recalled by Japanese keywords.’
    • ‘To annotate means to add explanation to information - extra ‘commentary information’ in terms of the Online Dictionary of Computing.’
    • ‘He compiled, wrote, updated and annotated the inventory and signed every page relating to Denny's charge in 1542.’
    • ‘Notes are annotated on levels of certainty with predictions and risks and possible causes for changes to numbers.’
    • ‘It prints Lock's sonnets in old-spelling and very lightly annotated texts.’
    • ‘You can also import a photograph and annotate it with your own handwriting or add text with Graffiti.’
    • ‘We were annotating our map as we went along, noting the date we passed a place or visited a ruin.’
    • ‘Someone asked Linda why nearly all the songs in her book were annotated with the date she learned the song and who taught it to her.’
    • ‘It is a significantly extended, critically judicious, helpfully annotated edition of an indispensable oeuvre.’
    • ‘You can't read the texts online but some extremely helpful person has been busy annotating the material with descriptions which makes a search or even a ramble through the material a pleasure.’
    • ‘Charles M. Robinson has the massive task of editing and annotating the diaries.’
    • ‘The text has been annotated and lightly edited to bring spellings up to date.’
    comment on, add footnotes to, add notes to, gloss
    explain, interpret, elucidate, explicate
    footnote, margin, marginalize
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Late 16th century: from Latin annotat- marked, from the verb annotare, from ad- to + nota a mark.