Definition of annates in English:


plural noun

  • A year's revenue of a Roman Catholic see or benefice, paid to the Pope by a bishop or other cleric on his appointment.

    • ‘The necessary Bulls and the pallium were obtained from Rome under threat that the law for the abolition of annates and first-fruits would be made permanent.’
    • ‘Long ago the emperors and princes of Germany allowed the Pope to claim the annates [6] from all German benefices; that is, half of the first year's income from every benefice.’
    • ‘It is known that the German and Polish noblemen allowed the Apostolic See to collect the annates for only a few years in order to restrain the enemies of the Christian faith and to check the Turk in his attacks.’
    • ‘The impost called annates involved the surrender of one-half of revenues during the first year of office by each new episcopal incumbent.’
    • ‘Hereafter no remittances shall be made for annates or for any other purpose to the court of Rome, the vice legation at Avignon, or to the nunciature at Lucerne.’
    • ‘He enforced clerical discipline and residence; he forbade the sale of Indulgences; he reduced Papal spending and he abolished annates.’


Early 16th century: from French, from medieval Latin annata ‘year's proceeds’, from annus ‘year’.