Definition of annalistically in English:



  • See annalist

    • ‘An Atthis was a chronicle, organized annalistically by kings and magistrates, that attempted to record all facets of the local history of Athens.’
    • ‘The fully preserved historical books cover 480-302 and are organized annalistically, with Olympian, Athenian archon, and Roman consular years synchronized - often erroneously.’
    • ‘Jacoby took this as confirmation of his theory, altogether preconceived, that the Atthis was composed annalistically.’
    • ‘The other major source of eponyms, of course, are the classical historians, particularly those who were organised annalistically.’
    • ‘Unlike the Roman historians of the republican days who wrote their histories annalistically, that is year by year in sequence, this work is much more varied and informal with a slight tendency to write by plans and epochs.’
    • ‘Unlike his predecessor, Herodotus, he didn't delve into the background but laid out the facts as he saw them, chronologically or annalistically.’