Definition of annalist in English:



  • A person who writes annals.

    • ‘Apart from his unhistorical approach, Livy has also been attacked for failing to be critical of his sources, particularly Roman annalists.’
    • ‘The annalist for 1884-1885 emphasized the importance of this financial source when the sisters almost lost the contract that year.’
    • ‘The secretary, treasurer and annalist shall be elected for a two-year term or until a successor is elected.’
    • ‘The prose represents the style of 10c Saxon annalists.’
    • ‘So too the annalists of the Annals of Ulster, who most frequently called the Viking incomers ‘foreigners’, sometimes differentiated between ‘dark’ and ‘fair’ foreigners.’
    • ‘He was preceded by a handful of annalists, notably Hydatius in Galicia, and followed, among others, by Gregory of Tours and Fredegar in Francia, Isidore in Spain, Bede in Northumbria, and Paul the Deacon in Italy.’
    • ‘This monograph, representing the revised dissertation of the author, is an extensive and erudite commentary on the extant fragments of the Roman annalist L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi.’
    • ‘Not a philosopher, not an annalist, not a chorographer or antiquarian, but a historian.’
    storyteller, teller of tales, recounter, relater, describer, chronicler, romancer, reporter
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