Definition of ankylosaurian in English:



  • See ankylosaur

    • ‘This is the first description of ostoederms and ankylosaurian material from Coahuila.’
    • ‘Dr Barrett has been reviewing remains of ankylosaurian dinosaurs found around Trumpington, Haslingfield, Bottisham, Reach and Burwell.’
    • ‘Euoplocephalus was one of the largest of the ankylosaurian dinosaurs.’
    • ‘Most recently, a new ankylosaur was named on the basis of an incomplete mandible and fragmentary cranial material, but the ankylosaurian affinities and validity of this taxon are doubtful.’
    • ‘Matt is one of four people trained in palaeontology currently in the lab; his special interest and background is in ankylosaurian dinosaurs.’
    • ‘A family of heavily armored ankylosaurian dinosaurs, the nodosaurids, is represented by partial skeletons of a ten-foot-long creature known as Silvisaurus.’
    • ‘H. F. Osborn named this 13% complete skeleton Dynamosaurus imperiosus in 1905, in particular because of the osteoderms (later identified as ankylosaurian).’
    • ‘In the main collecting area, recovered and uncollected articulated skeletons of thero-pod, ankylosaurian and protoceratopsian dinosaurs represent over 100 individuals.’