Definition of anisotropically in English:



  • See anisotropic

    • ‘The distal portion of this zone expands anisotropically, similar to regions of the wild-type apex periphery, which contact older flower primordia.’
    • ‘Differential scattering can distort CD spectra by anisotropically scattering light away from PMT detector.’
    • ‘Further experiments are needed to verify that the 205 -, 263 -, and 335-bp fragments are anisotropically flexible.’
    • ‘The applied pressure was controlled anisotropically, each direction being treated independently with the trace of the pressure tensor kept constant for 1 atm, again using the Berendsen method.’
    • ‘Ligand binding to proteins, enzyme catalysis, self-aggregation of colloids, and polymerization are examples of diffusion-mediated processes involving anisotropically reactive species.’
    • ‘The pore water pressure as well as the stress-strain response of an anisotropically consolidated clay specimen under undrained shearing was significantly affected by the initial stress ratio.’