Definition of Anisoptera in English:


plural noun

  • A group of insects which comprises the dragonflies.

    Suborder Anisoptera, order Odonata

    Compare with Zygoptera
    • ‘They have two pairs of almost equal-sized glassy wings [Anisoptera means ‘unequal wings’] and their compound eyes have up to 30,000 facets.’
    • ‘The Order Odonata is subdivided into two suborders: damselflies and dragonflies (Anisoptera).’
    • ‘The larvae of Anisoptera are distinguished from that of Zygoptera by a more robust shape, such that the thorax and abdomen are generally wider than the head.’
    • ‘Dragonflies (Anisoptera) belong to the order Odonata. Odonata means "toothed,” and refers to the toothed mandibles of these carnivorous insects.’
    • ‘Depending on the author's preferences, dragonflies, Anisoptera, are subdivided into 6-15 families.’
    • ‘The Anisoptera have stout bodies, with the head usually narrower than the thorax and abdomen. They do not have caudal tracheal gills like the Zygoptera.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek anisos ‘unequal’ + pteron ‘wing’.