Definition of animistic in English:



  • See animism

    • ‘They are also unified conceptually by the fact that all have to do with water spirits and the symbolism of Japan's indigenous animistic religion, Shinto.’
    • ‘The tribal groups are animistic, constantly making offerings to the myriad spirits believed to inhabit the village, houses, trees, paths, mountains etc.’
    • ‘The ancient Pacific religions have been animistic religions, that is very, very close relationships between human and the natural elements.’
    • ‘It is said to have begun before the introduction of Buddhism, when the people of ancient Tibet observed animistic forms of religion and used the foodstuffs they produced as offerings to their gods.’
    • ‘The religion of the mudang was polytheistic and somewhat animistic.’
    • ‘Vedic Invocations, which are deemed animistic and crudely pagan by many scholars, merely invoke God through his attributes and functions.’