Definition of animatronics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The technique of making and operating lifelike robots, typically for use in film or other entertainment.

    ‘ask them if they can find out who's doing the animatronics’
    • ‘He also made use of animatronics to generate an illusion of perfect tiger actors.’
    • ‘Using state-of-the-art technology in animatronics and engineering, these life-size dinosaurs are able to move, roar and blink their eyes.’
    • ‘This new kid-friendly video series combines live action with cutting edge special effects and animatronics, plus 2D and 3D animation.’
    • ‘Rather than use animatronics or other mechanical means, Lima built a 3 - D model of an alien, then scanned it into the computer to create a digital alien that could be inserted into scenes.’
    • ‘He has vast experience of stop frame animation, motion control, live action shoots, animatronics, special effects and physical effects.’
    • ‘The hound itself will be produced for the first time using state of the art animatronics and computer generated images.’
    • ‘Lowe got some former Star Wars designers to help him with the animatronics, and this attraction has been so successful that it has become an item on the Edinburgh tourist trail.’
    • ‘While the effects have not exactly held up the test of time, admittedly, one can still appreciate the incredible cleverness that went into the illusion, especially the use of radio-controlled devices and early animatronics.’
    • ‘At home, Sabrina is comforted by her black cat Salem (usually an animatronics puppet but sometimes shown as a real cat).’
    • ‘The computer generated effects, live action and animatronics courtesy of Jim Henson's Creature Shop are largely convincing, although some of the blue screen work is rough around the edges.’
    • ‘The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy - The Exhibition features film footage, props, costumes and artefacts from the movies, including armoury, animatronics and miniatures, as well as computer and mechanical interactives.’
    • ‘And so we used 37 Herbies, but we built four robots - animatronics, basically.’
    • ‘School children lured no doubt by these impressive animatronics and a 40-foot high tyrannosaurus rex, which we're told boarded Noah's Ark two by two despite its carnivorous grin.’
    • ‘Peterson's comments range from funny to interesting (all the fish in the film were either animatronics or rubber).’
    • ‘A co-production with the BBC, Dinosaurs is a three-hoar miniseries showcasing advanced computer animation and animatronics.’
    • ‘The movie's sole obvious effect - an odd mutated bug/lizard-like creature - I attributed to animatronics, but apparently it was mostly CG.’
    • ‘The animatronics and computer effects are as impressive as ever and most of the beasts in the supporting roles are extremely funny.’
    • ‘Road Hogs is an action series featuring animatronics from the producers of the Chucky movies.’
    • ‘The creatures were a combined result of motorised animatronics (mechanically built) snails and very sophisticated computer graphics’
    • ‘Since this set was created in the early 1950s, many of the animatronics are old and need to have various parts replaced.’


1970s: blend of animated and electronics.