Definition of animatic in English:



  • A preliminary version of a film, produced by shooting successive sections of a storyboard and adding a soundtrack.

    • ‘Two episodes are presented, in their entirety, in their raw animatic form as well.’
    • ‘There are also animatics, galleries, storyboard comparisons and a few deleted scenes, but nothing particularly in depth or exciting.’
    • ‘We also get to see entire animatics sequences that will delight anyone wondering how all the elements come together for a movie this visually powerful.’
    • ‘Sometimes animated storyboards called animatics are produced.’
    • ‘I don't recall who made the sell, but I remember their claim: All they did was have a brief animatic, or maybe it was just a mockup, of the famous scene of the little fishing boat on the big wave.’
    • ‘Finally there's an animatic (a mix of storyboards, CGI and actual scenes), which features an optional commentary track by director Tillman, Jr.’
    • ‘Deleted scenes referenced in the commentary are two unfilmed animatics (with vocals) blended into one sequence.’
    • ‘You can also expect to find the usual array of animatics with illustrated commentary, storyboards, deleted scenes, featurettes and adverts.’
    • ‘The two featurettes are good ones, covering various aspects of the production, such as dealing with violent sandstorms while filming and the amount of detail poured into the storyboards and animatics.’
    • ‘There isn't much to be learned from the track except at how surprised he was to see how close the animatic followed the actual scene in the movie.’
    • ‘A lot of the time, they do animatics and edit them before they even shoot the real material, so they're in editing long before they're done shooting.’
    • ‘Each episode sports a commentary track and the ability to view animatics (animated versions of the storyboards) as a multi-angle feature.’
    • ‘At its simplest, an animatic is a storyboard, a hand drawn still image that conveys direction, motion, and narrative through camera movement across it.’
    • ‘12 episodes can be watched in their original animatic form, offering a glimpse at some original artwork.’
    • ‘Next up there's a gallery of additional scenes with introductions from Bird and Fucile; these scenes are from the ‘story reel,’ an edited animatic rough draft of the movie in black and white.’
    • ‘There's also a gallery of production stills, an animatic of one of Robinson's original comics (it's so small you can't read it), as well as an animatic for the film's original, abandoned opening sequence.’
    • ‘These give you a chance, using multi-angle presentation, to see the storyboards, animatics (rough computer animations), the completed scene, or all three at the same time.’
    • ‘There are also some animatics for the film's two big set pieces, a music video (indistinguishable from the film), and a couple of trailers.’
    • ‘The disc has a nice section that compares animatics from the film to the actual scenes.’
    • ‘The Los Angeles-area animation house Film Roman creates a black-and-white draft, called an animatic, which reveals what works and what doesn't, Jean said.’


1970s: from animat(ed) + -ic, or a blend of animated and schematic.