Definition of animateur in English:



  • A person who enlivens or encourages something, especially a promoter of artistic projects.

    • ‘The present exhibition helps to clarify O'Hara's multiple achievements as a poet, friend, instigator and animateur.’
    • ‘Like so many distinguished musicians, he was an inspiring teacher and animateur.’
    • ‘When a definitive history of twentieth century Irish music comes to be written, Brian Boydell will feature recurrently and with high distinction as composer, conductor, musicologist and animateur.’
    • ‘He brought Tadeusz Kantor to London in the seventies, and has been a global enthusiast and animateur ever since.’
    • ‘A vocal animateur has been appointed and she is working with primary schools with 100 pupils or less.’
    • ‘ASP works as animateurs, to draw out the relevant ecological story from the community while adding inspiration, skills, and solutions.’
    • ‘We also rely quite heavily on local animateurs, choir directors who're giving their time for nothing, and also the outreach teams from those theatres to which we regularly go, and regularly sell out in.’
    • ‘Paul Rissman, the RSNO's education manager and music animateur, said the musicians were looking forward to the challenge.’


1950s: French, from medieval Latin animator.