Definition of animatedly in English:



  • See animated

    • ‘When it was his time to take the oath, he signed the book, then went on to chat animatedly to the Speaker, who grasped his hand, held it in a firm grip, and shook it five times.’
    • ‘She was talking rather animatedly to her two friends while waiting to be seated.’
    • ‘As she explains her concepts animatedly, you are amazed at her drive for creativity.’
    • ‘Thankfully, Chris arrived and spoke to them animatedly and they fixed the problem on the spot.’
    • ‘His deep, distinctive voice resounds, he gestures animatedly and his enthusiasm becomes infectious.’
    • ‘She started talking animatedly in her language and tried to wrest free of his grip.’
    • ‘Bastiano, flanked by his bodyguards, was talking animatedly with a group of people just inside the door.’
    • ‘Then the other day I see her at this fancy bar and she's chatting animatedly to a handsome chap in a dark green suit.’
    • ‘Tom appeared to have a scrap with just about every First Division manager last season as he animatedly prowled around his Love Street paddock.’
    • ‘On the way out, the prime minister called the other couple over for coffee, and they began talking animatedly about the NHS bed crisis.’
    • ‘Maybe it was the fact that we sat in the middle of the room, talking quite animatedly, loud and laughing a lot, that scared them away.’
    • ‘We sat down on the rugs in the tent and animatedly bargained, trying to find out where these came from.’
    • ‘To Hendrie, pacing animatedly in the technical area, the goal was a shocker.’
    • ‘When we did speak, we chatted animatedly; the subject briefly turning to our failed attempt at dating.’
    • ‘On the way out of the cinema, people animatedly discussed their own verdicts on the case.’
    • ‘He looked exactly like he was chatting animatedly with a person sitting on the grey-red spot.’
    • ‘In my first week I saw a group of sixth-formers chatting animatedly to a prep form, as if they had known each other for years.’
    • ‘It must have been a Saturday, because the cinema was packed with kids, fidgeting in their seats and chatting animatedly to their friends.’
    • ‘At one point during the evening, Camejo paced outside the Town Hall animatedly speaking into a cell phone.’
    • ‘They talk animatedly about the futuristic Riverside City project which promises to beautify Limerick.’