Definition of animalcular in English:



  • See animalcule

    • ‘In 1832 he had surmised cholera to be of animalcular origin, and later thought the same of tuberculosis and typhoid.’
    • ‘That molecular was sometimes confounded with animalcular motion by several of the earlier microscopical observers, appears extremely probable from various passages in the writings of Leeuwenhoek.’
    • ‘Bacteriology, and its forerunners from the 1840s (ideas of "specific chemical, fungal, and animalcular causes of disease"), also had an effect on ideas of universalised and specific disease causation.’
    • ‘I feel the book also overstates Franklin's readiness to adopt an animalcular theory of disease transmission.’
    • ‘Thanks to the diversity of natural and climatic conditions there exist the large number of elementary plants and animalcular organisms on the small territory of Armenia.’