Definition of animal liberationist in English:

animal liberationist


  • See animal liberation

    • ‘Now there's street parties and animal liberationists, anarchists and after-protest parties.’
    • ‘Many animal liberationists have said it is acceptable to use ‘defective’ humans in scientific tests as opposed to testing things on healthy animals.’
    • ‘For those who don't follow the antics of urban terrorists, these animal liberationists have waged long campaigns against the pharmaceutical industry because they want it to stop using animals to test drugs.’
    • ‘Animal liberationists opposed to the ill-treatment of guinea pigs might be on the lookout for new targets.’
    • ‘MI5 has been summoned and an array of new and potentially repressive laws are being passed to prevent animal liberationists from intimidating workers, scientists and investors.’
    • ‘There were suggestions that animal liberationists might have deliberately spread foot and mouth to damage commercial agriculture.’
    • ‘This spectrum of ‘legitimized’ violence continues through the acts of the eco-terrorists and animal liberationists to widespread rudeness, crudeness and incivility.’
    • ‘Tactics used by animal liberationists in Australia recently have also come to the attention of police.’
    • ‘The group characterizes its membership as ‘anarchists, communists, antiracists, animal liberationists, earth liberationists, Luddites and feminists,’ among other things, and their tactics are brutal.’
    • ‘Animal liberationists have dared to question the right of our species to assume that human interests must always prevail.’
    • ‘The challenge confronting animal liberationists is how to create an alternative perspective without lapsing into anthropomorphism.’
    • ‘The animal liberationists have claimed the pig meat could stay in the sheep's systems for weeks, but the Halal Certification Authority of Australia says this is highly unlikely.’