Definition of ani in English:



  • A glossy black long-tailed bird of the cuckoo family, with a large deep bill, found in Central and South America.

    Genus Crotophaga, family Cuculidae: three species

    • ‘Smooth-billed anis live in open fields and pastureland, usually near water.’
    • ‘The Smooth-Billed Ani is the largest black bird in the Galápagos. It has a long tail that hangs like a grackle and has shiny, elegant, black feathers with streaks of green.’
    • ‘Many birds eat insects. Anis and Cattle Egret are well known for eating ticks from goats and cattle.’
    • ‘Cuckoos, coucals, anis, malkohas, and roadrunners are approximately 127 species of birds that make up the family Cuculidae.’
    • ‘Greater anis live in tropical coniferous forests, where trees don't shed leaves.’
    • ‘A highly social bird, anis are almost always seen in pairs or family groups.’
    • ‘The Common Cuckoo is a member of the cuckoo order of birds, the Cuculiformes, which also includes the roadrunners, the anis, the coucals, and the Hoatzin.’
    • ‘I needed to pick up an extra pair of binoculars from him, and he also showed me pictures from his recent trip to the Valley… Elegant Trogon, Crimson-collared Grosbeak, ani, jays, etc.’
    • ‘Another parenting pattern that might lead to brood parasitism is cooperative breeding, seen in cuckoos such as Anis and the Guira Cuckoo.’
    • ‘The Smooth-billed Ani is a tropical bird found nowhere in the U.S. but south Florida.’
    • ‘Because anis have altricial nestlings, the provisioning help of all breeding adults is essential.’
    • ‘Be on the lookout for Caribbean dove, West Indian woodpecker, Cuban bullfinch, and smooth-billed ani.’
    • ‘Smooth-billed anis, a crotophagid bird of Central and South America, engage in a system of social pairs sharing a single nest and competing for access to the incubated clutch of eggs.’
    • ‘Among groove-billed anis (large, ravenlike neotropical birds), several females deposit eggs in a communal nest, and the dominant female is especially likely to evict the eggs of subordinates.’
    • ‘The anis and guira cuckoo (Crotophaginae) are group-living cooperative breeders.’
    • ‘Maybe the weirdest looking bird was the Groove-billed Ani, because of his thick, curved and grooved beak.’
    • ‘Anis are social birds, eating and also building their nests together. The females will then breed on the eggs together.’
    • ‘On some occasions anis also use tamarin trees to roost or rest during the heat.’
    • ‘Almost everywhere you look in Guanacaste Province there are pairs, trios, or small flocks of Groove-billed Anis, birds that superficially resemble blackbirds.’


Early 19th century: from Spanish ani, Portuguese anum, from Tupi anũ.