Definition of angularly in English:



  • See angular

    • ‘A fourth group extends angularly from the fourth common plane toward the front end in a fourth common oblique plane to form a fourth terminal edge which extends beyond the third terminal edge.’
    • ‘We found that the index of refraction used for the material comprising the core was very important in terms of the resulting angularly resolved scattering signatures.’
    • ‘Hence, tests were one-tailed. t-Tests were performed on angularly transformed O allele frequencies with each population mean taken as a datum (n = 3 populations/selection regime).’
    • ‘But Mrs Rocatti better arrive soon, before Dundee's angularly athletic goalkeeper earns himself a move elsewhere.’
    • ‘Irradiation of aminolevulinic acid/protoporphyrin IX-sensitized cells with 10 J cm - 2 of 514 nm light led to pronounced changes in angularly resolved light scattering consistent with mitochondrial swelling.’
    • ‘She stands strong and dignified, with her sinewy and angularly carved face turning slightly away as though just having taken another unavoidable look at a painful past.’
    • ‘We constructed a goniometer to measure angularly resolved light scattering.’
    • ‘I used parametric tests on angularly transformed data.’
    • ‘The experimental setup uses a standard OCT system with an additional apparatus to rotate the sample to acquire multiple angularly displaced OCT images (displaced-reflector images).’
    • ‘In the holographic glass approach, multiple holograms are angularly multiplexed in glass to produce large-angle deflections.’