Definition of angularity in English:



  • See angular

    • ‘Lee says that what people remembered about Woolf was: ‘Her thinness, her fine bones, her fragility, […] and her mixture of angularity and awkwardness.’’
    • ‘Perhaps it is enough to experience this building as a piece of urban sculpture, seamlessly wrapping the street and offsetting the Gothic angularity of its surrounding churches.’
    • ‘The degree of segregation depends on particle size distribution, density, and possibly angularity of heterogeneous sand mixtures.’
    • ‘In other words, these are not ‘folk-tune settings,’ although one could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, given the plainspoken roughness and angularity of Veress's music.’
    • ‘In contrast, the sharpness of the edges of the individual grains or their angularity records the history of the grain during transport and, to a lesser extent, during diagenesis.’
    • ‘Gringolts shows maturity beyond his 21 years in his rich phrasing of the boldly romantic Sibelius and the prickly angularity of the Prokofiev.’
    • ‘The melodic richness and astringent angularity of Sibelius's muse are in full bloom in his Violin Concerto in D minor Op 47.’
    • ‘Dimples, especially on the chin, also increase the angularity and definition of the male face, creating the impression of a strong visage.’
    • ‘At times, the dancers appear to be flying or diving; at others, they move with the spasmodic angularity attributed to robots, their faces expressionless masks.’
    • ‘The effect is a uniquely bucolic landscape art, as rich in natural detail as it is in quasi-mystical symbolism, and painted with an angularity derived partly from Wyndham Lewis and partly from the Pole Jankel Adler.’
    • ‘One boy's picture captures perfectly the blocky angularity and monumental presence of Lawrence's three ironing women.’
    • ‘This face looks best in finer frames that don't draw attention to any heaviness or angularity.’
    • ‘Like many critics of Federation Square, this guy emphasised the harshness, angularity and general uninvitingness of the development.’
    • ‘With its succinct, buoyant melodies and sparse angularity, Kirby Sideroad brings to mind Ornette Coleman's early quartet music.’
    • ‘First, take the fashion model angularity of Nicole Mourier and Mia Dime, and transplant them to the Berlin underground art scene.’
    • ‘The light grey plastic shell is reduced to simple flat planes, but the angularity is softened by rounded edges and corners.’
    • ‘The rhythmic angularity of the recontextualized rift imparts a temporary sense of disorientation that subverts the song's forward momentum.’
    • ‘The angularity of his original Quintergy contrasts with the languid fluency of the following track, Lament.’
    • ‘Initial porosity in well-sorted sand also is dependent on grain angularity, the porosity increasing with increase in angularity.’