Definition of angular frequency in English:

angular frequency


  • The frequency of a steadily recurring phenomenon expressed in radians per second. A frequency in hertz can be converted to an angular frequency by multiplying it by 2π.

    • ‘A simple calculation then shows that kr = mv, or that the angular frequency, w is just sqrt (k/m).’
    • ‘Lower angular frequencies are indicative of smaller scattering centers that are most likely small organelles inside the cell.’
    • ‘For the same physical parameters, we find that the cell body should rotate at an angular frequency of ~ 2.7 s - 1.’
    • ‘Ic] is the angular frequency (in radians per second) and f is the linear frequency (in hertz).’
    • ‘The baseline value of the angular frequency in the oscillatory flow simulations is taken as [omega] = 2 [pi] rad/s which corresponds to a physiological cardiac frequency [function of] = 1 Hz ([omega] = 2 [pi] f).’
    • ‘This is equivalent to the statement that the outer membrane becomes increasingly transparent for oscillating electric fields when the angular frequency of the oscillation exceeds a value given by the inverse of the charging time.’