Definition of Anglophobia in English:



  • See Anglophobe

    • ‘In addition, Germany's steady naval build-up, accompanied by officially orchestrated Anglophobia, contributed to the further deterioration in relations between the two countries.’
    • ‘Vast fortunes were made out of the Irish Famine, almost invariably by Irish people who shut up and joined the chorus of Anglophobia.’
    • ‘His nationalism was as expansive as his cosmopolitanism, and he railed in equal measure against the narrowness of native deriders of Scotland and the shallowness of Anglophobia.’
    • ‘This opposition was overcome by the expansionist fever manifested in the election of 1844 in the United States, with President Houston shrewdly exploiting the strong Anglophobia of Texans who feared a British protectorate.’
    • ‘Yet anti-English feeling remains a barrier to such celebration - and Anglophobia isn't confined to foreigners.’