Definition of Anglophilia in English:



  • See Anglophile

    • ‘One young German conservative historian I met took refuge in Anglophilia - his England, of course, being an England of the past.’
    • ‘But in the three years that I've been living in Montreal, I can feel any remaining Anglophilia beginning to disintegrate.’
    • ‘Cashing in on Japan's Anglophilia and love of manga-like fantasy, Potter has been cunningly marketed to attract a more grown-up audience than in other countries.’
    • ‘In 1807 his Anglophilia suffered the shock of a morally questionable British attack on Copenhagen and the Danish fleet, undertaken to prevent a French seizure of Danish vessels.’
    • ‘If in England it rallied a demoralized citizenry, here in America it validated the Anglophilia of the educated classes and gave British imperialism a good odor.’