Definition of angle grinder in English:

angle grinder


  • A device with a rotating abrasive disc, used to grind, polish, or cut metal and other materials.

    • ‘Gerald used an angle grinder with a 4-inch diamond blade to very carefully cut the tightly curved lines of the pattern into the surface of the slab.’
    • ‘It was recovered unopened with £2,042 still inside but nearby was an angle grinder, saw and drill that had been used trying to open it.’
    • ‘Police area spokesperson Captain Gcinikaya Taleni said the men used an angle grinder and blow-torches to cut through metal security panels to get to the safe on the premises.’
    • ‘The thieves used an angle grinder to break into the safe at Rathangan parish church last Tuesday night / Wednesday morning.’
    • ‘The court was told that the incident was sparked by an angle grinder being used to cut protective metal casing from a plastic container holding flammable chemicals.’
    • ‘Test the floor hardness in several spots with a diamond cup mounted on a small angle grinder.’
    • ‘He then launched a brutal attack on Mr Thomas using an angle grinder, similar to a circular saw, used to cut angles into metal and concrete.’
    • ‘Here firefighters use the jaws of life and an angle grinder to tear the roof open while Alderson Ambulance's Pierre Crafford checks on the critically injured passenger trapped inside.’
    • ‘Mr Lucas said: ‘I was woken up by the sound of the angle grinder cutting into the asphalt.’’
    • ‘Even if you don't need it, buy or borrow an angle grinder.’
    • ‘They found a large amount of equipment, including paint strippers, decorating tools, sanders and a large angle grinder, which was stolen from a building site in Surrey, England, the month previously.’
    • ‘They couldn't finish yesterday as planned because of the persistent rain which made it impossible to do any cutting with the angle grinder outside.’
    • ‘A demolition worker who felled a speed camera with an angle grinder to avoid a £60 speeding ticket was ordered yesterday to pay £4,000 in compensation and perform 120 hours of community service.’
    • ‘Then you walk away, prune your roses, change the disc on your angle grinder, come back inside and everything is back to normal.’
    • ‘‘The presence of the angle grinder indicates that it may have been used to grind open the bodywork of a security vehicle,’ Zeelie said.’
    • ‘Southend fire brigade couldn't cut the lock and had to call in an engine from Leigh with an angle grinder.’
    • ‘The 64-year-old retired teacher, champion of the elderly and Limerick Citizen of the Year has bought steel pipes and has begun cutting them to size with an angle grinder on a worktable in his garden.’
    • ‘One was cut down with an angle grinder, three were burnt out with petrol-filled tyres and the fifth was blown up by dynamite at the end of last month.’
    • ‘It appeared to have been forced open with an angle grinder before the robbers stole the cash inside and attempted to burn all documents.’
    • ‘He went home and returned to the house of one of the group in Southend Road, Rochford, armed with hammer and the angle grinder.’


angle grinder