Definition of angelic in English:



  • 1Relating to angels.

    ‘the angelic hosts’
    • ‘There're also depictions of what can only be described as angelic figures.’
    • ‘I couldn't have felt more ecstatic if the heavens had opened up and serenaded me with a chorus of angelic voices.’
    • ‘The angelic figure before her looked like her, but she was wearing white garments instead.’
    • ‘A quick google reveals that he is a spiritual medium, the gleaming white raiment possibly implying a familiarity with the angelic host.’
    • ‘Of two works by David Parsons, Shining Star is a be-happy piece for dancers in angelic white, against tricksy banks of lights.’
    • ‘A tale with a bit of angelic intervention that overcame obstacles and touched the heart.’
    • ‘Musically, angelic guidance has rearranged priorities and sharpened his ear.’
    • ‘Sauntering along, the boy looks up and sees a tree filled with angels, bright angelic wings bespangling every bough like stars.’
    • ‘The up arrows are illuminated in white for angelic heaven and the down arrows glower red for hellish damnation!’
    • ‘A perfect Christmas morning record with its angelic singing and gentle melancholy hymns.’
    • ‘In some quarters, the dove is considered to possess angelic qualities.’
    • ‘Until we're serenaded by the angelic chorus, Krauss is as close to a heavenly voice as it gets.’
    • ‘Cerri and her angelic companion didn't so much as flinch as the leader stood to the side reveling a swordsman.’
    • ‘He opened his eyes slightly and looked up to see a masked angelic figure holding him.’
    • ‘I have now finished the first complete draft of my novella (cue angelic trumpets, hallelujahs etc).’
    • ‘This tale that I tell is dedicated to him, the angelic owner of my immortal soul.’
    • ‘He had forgotten to tell Raven that the seven angelic souls were inevitably bounded to Talos Darkwind.’
    • ‘But, no there was no bright light or angelic figures beckoning me over either.’
    • ‘One held the world and all its people and all its furniture and all the angelic choirs to be dreams in the mind of God.’
    • ‘The tea-towel-wearing shepherd totters on stage, blurts his lines and joins an angelic chorus in singing Little Donkey.’
    divine, heavenly, celestial, holy
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) exceptionally beautiful, innocent, or kind.
      ‘she looks remarkably young and angelic’
      • ‘She was so caring, so beautiful and angelic that I fell in love with her and proposed within a month.’
      • ‘Amy Linton's angelic voice still sounds as sweet as ever, but a crumb of sinister darkness has been added.’
      • ‘To those passing by, she looked angelic, she looked to be about the most beautiful girl they had ever seen.’
      • ‘He had a beautiful young wife, three angelic children and a cat.’
      • ‘The cutely dressed children may look angelic, but they're definitely kids of the modern age.’
      • ‘Thankfully, according to Corinne, keeping flexible also doesn't mean following a painfully angelic diet.’
      • ‘He didn't look angelic or any of the other words people use when describing people sleeping.’
      • ‘"When you look at them they look quite angelic but the amount of violence used was terrible.’
      • ‘As it faded the features of beautiful, almost angelic woman started to become clear.’
      • ‘He is accompanied by his very pretty soft-spoken wife and their two angelic daughters.’
      • ‘I gave her an unconvinced look, which she returned with a look of angelic innocence.’
      • ‘He's a little devil for her, but angelic for everyone else he meets.’
      • ‘Boo has been far from angelic recently and the thought of taking him to a crowded football stadium was just too much.’
      • ‘The pudding-bowl haircut he used to sport gave an impression of angelic innocence that convinced nobody.’
      • ‘She is not portrayed as angelic but as a believably good-natured and optimistic adolescent.’
      • ‘Lisa Hannigan's angelic voice only helps to solidify this song as one of the most pleasing songs on the album.’
      • ‘By the time we were eighteen, the angelic girl I met in kindergarten was long gone.’
      • ‘He looks such an angelic lad but he's really uncontrollable and takes great pleasure in anti-social behaviour.’
      • ‘Choirgirls, it seems, really are every bit as angelic as choirboys.’
      • ‘There is the perfect house, the perfect husband, played by Dennis Quaid, angelic kids and a caring circle of friends.’
      innocent, pure, as pure as the driven snow, virtuous, good, saintly, wholesome, exemplary
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Late Middle English: from French angélique, via late Latin from Greek angelikos, from angelos (see angel).