Definition of anemophily in English:



  • See anemophilous

    • ‘In contrast, angiosperm have a wealth of pollination methods involving many different agents to transfer pollen, including insects, birds, bats, wind (anemophily), and water (hydrophily).’
    • ‘Several pollination syndromes have been suggested to occur within the genus, including anemophily, epihydrophily (pollen transfer at the water surface), and hypohydrophily (entirely submersed pollination).’
    • ‘Some authors recognize anemophily as the principal pollination system for this family, while others indicate entomophily.’
    • ‘Vasquez studied pollination in A. vaginatum subsp. vaginatum in Mexico and concluded that anemophily predominated.’
    • ‘I am interested in understanding how the morphological and ecological associations of anemophily reflect the aerodynamic requirements for effective pollen export and import.’