Definition of anemograph in English:



  • An anemometer that records the speed, duration, and sometimes also the direction of the wind.

    • ‘The correctness of the map is approved constantly by the additional data of new time periods or new anemographs located in the island.’
    • ‘This series includes meteorological registers (data on rainfall, cloud and a weather diary), aerograms, anemographs, rain gauge records and rainfall charts, records of thunderstorms, wind direction and velocity, registers of synoptic reports etc produced by various climatological stations in Singapore and Malaya.’
    • ‘At the end of 1993, Luigi Barbieri, who was renovating Woelfle anemographs, retired and was not replaced.’
    • ‘At stations with an anemograph, the mean speed is for a period of 10 minutes ending at the hour of observation.’
    • ‘Since the prevailing wind direction is determined from the anemograph, you should use data at the smallest time resolution instead of hourly data to determine the prevailing wind direction.’
    • ‘In the Dines tube anemograph, the wind pressure acts upon the opening of a tube arranged as a vane to face in the direction of the wind.’
    • ‘Since the anemograph was installed in 1982 gusts of 100 kt or more have been recorded on only two occasions on Fair Isle.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek anemos ‘wind’ + -graph.