Definition of anecdotally in English:



  • See anecdotal

    • ‘In every indicator I get - anecdotally, talking to friends in all these swing states, looking at early voting patterns - is that this will be an extraordinarily large turnout.’
    • ‘I have been told, anecdotally, that Maldon is one of the most vibrant and healthy towns in Essex, if not the east of England.’
    • ‘We know anecdotally and through research that some women will return to work as soon as their maternity income stops.’
    • ‘While I have no statistical evidence to support this, I have noticed anecdotally that ‘local’ students in Ph.D. programs are among the least likely to complete the dissertation.’
    • ‘Parents will tell you, anecdotally, that many schools do not follow up absences, just as many parents do not necessarily report their child's absence to schools.’