Definition of androecial in English:



  • See androecium

    • ‘Beetles began to escape the day pollen was shed due to changes in the androecial wall.’
    • ‘Floral development has been studied at our lab in a broad range of angiosperm taxa with special emphasis on floral nectaries, androecial patterns and gynoecial characters.’
    • ‘It was shown that the androecial initiation was centripetal, whereas the microsporogenesis and anther maturation were centrifugal.’
    • ‘Enlargement of the five androecial primordia shapes the remaining central portion of the floral apex into a pentagon, upon which the two carpel primordia are initiated simultaneously.’
    • ‘Thus, reconsidering the importance of these androecial features is necessary, and new morphological characters are needed for a better understanding of legume evolution.’