Definition of andosol in English:


(also andisol)


Soil Science
  • A black or dark brown soil formed from volcanic material, with an A horizon rich in organic material.

    • ‘Pots were filled with soil (Humic haplic andosol) of high P-fixing capacity that had been collected from two fields.’
    • ‘The shallow soils (andisol) are derived from fluvial gravel overlain by multiple Holocene volcanic ash deposits and aeolian dust.’
    • ‘The analysis of metal fluxes in the soil, using in situ zero-tension lysimeters, showed that this andosol currently accumulates metal elements.’
    • ‘However, a strong relation between AEM-P and the organic matter content of the andosols emerged.’
    • ‘A Santa Bárbara andisol that has been under different conservation noninversion systems for several years was evaluated to assess the effect of various soil uses on soil organic matter composition and stability.’