Definition of and (all) the rest (of it) in English:

and (all) the rest (of it)


  • And everything else of a similar type that might be mentioned.

    ‘it's all very well to talk about natural affection and love and the rest of it’
    • ‘He is eminently quotable, verbose, fanciful and the rest of it, apparently fabulously wealthy and yet, quite possibly, a fantasist.’
    • ‘Of course we need something called a job, money, cars, TVs, computers, gourmet gadgets and the rest of it.’
    • ‘And you find it in the health service, you find it in education and the rest of it.’
    • ‘All people do is give up chocolate and all the rest of it - and I don't think that does you any good whatsoever.’
    • ‘If this makes it worse what is going to happen in terms of our house insurance and the rest of it?’
    • ‘If you believe in transubstantiation, parthenogenesis and the rest of it, you're deemed fit to run the country.’
    • ‘I bought her book, stocked up on butter beans, fennel and the rest of it, and fell at the first hurdle - when I discovered that her sweet-potato wedges were even more delicious with big dollops of full-fat mayonnaise.’
    • ‘At the level of petty, paranoid and the rest of it, this doesn't matter very much.’
    • ‘I love crosswords - I love the cryptic clues and the obscure quotes from Shakespeare and all the rest.’
    • ‘It was bearable for the first minute, when we said hello and the rest of it.’