Definition of ancon in English:



  • 1A console, typically consisting of two volutes, that supports or appears to support a cornice.

    • ‘It also includes the special moulded bricks for ancones, header joists and ceramic roof beams.’
    • ‘The modillion was a bracket, a horizontal version of the ancones which supported the cornice of the Greek doorway cornice.’
    • ‘Each has three square-headed window openings per floor, and is supported by a single stone ancon and topped by a broad, stone cornice.’
  • 2Each of a pair of projections on either side of a block of stone or other material, used for lifting it.

    • ‘The fact that these ancones have not yet been sawed off, is an indicator of the unfinished state of the temple.’
    • ‘The ancones should prevent the ropes by which the stones are raised from slipping away.’
    • ‘This can be justified in all cases: The U-shaped channels, the ancones and the stops differ in distance from the top of the block.’


Early 18th century (denoting the corner or quoin of a wall or rafter): via Latin from Greek ankōn ‘bend, elbow’.