Definition of anchoveta in English:



  • An anchovy found off the Pacific coasts of South America, of great commercial importance to Peru.

    • ‘Many of Panama's commercially raised chickens are fed fishmeal from anchovetas, small fish which also depend on mangroves.’
    • ‘The fish, mostly anchovetas (small anchovies), are caught in the Pacific and are processed into fish meal, which is used as animal feed.’
    • ‘Catches of a type of anchovy called anchoveta were above 10 million tons in the late 1960s to 1971 off northern and central Peru.’
    • ‘The main exports are copper, zinc, gold and oil products, coffee, cotton, sugarcane & rice, anchovetas, pilchards and fishmeal.’
    • ‘Edible anchoveta sold in the U.S. market are primarily canned fish from Chile.’
    • ‘Vast quantities of Peruvian anchoveta have been shipped to developed countries for use as animal feed.’
    • ‘Farm-grown salmon are often fed Peruvian anchovetas, which are now being overfished.’
    • ‘Similar alternating dominance of sardines and anchovies (or anchovetas) have been observed in other boundary current systems during the twentieth century.’
    • ‘When catch of the highly variable stocks of Peruvian anchovetas, a species substantially affected by El Niño / Southern Oscillation events, is excluded, the world fish catch appears to have declined by 660,000 tons a year during that time.’
    • ‘Our focus is on herring, mackerel, anchovetas and other fish for reduction.’
    • ‘University expert Juan Bravo said the mangroves are important for fishing as sources of the white shrimp, anchovetas and red porgy, among others.’
    • ‘The Peruvian anchoveta population was heavily fished and collapsed during the warming of the 1972 El Niño.’
    • ‘Prior to the start of TOGA, the most well-studied societal impact of El Niño was the collapse of the Peruvian anchoveta fishery in 1972-1973.’
    • ‘In fact, the notorious collapse of anchoveta stocks in the 1950s that has been blamed on overfishing, could very well be due in part to a natural 50 year cycle in stock abundance.’
    • ‘First off, the crew must ‘scoop’ for ‘chum,’ i.e., make a haul for anchovetas, to be used for bait.’
    • ‘Here we show that misreporting by countries with large fisheries, combined with the large and widely fluctuating catch of species such as the Peruvian anchoveta, can cause globally spurious trends.’


1940s: from Spanish, diminutive of anchova (see anchovy).