Definition of anatomically in English:



  • As regards bodily structure.

    ‘an anatomically correct replica of the human brain’
    • ‘She was living life as a woman, but was anatomically still male.’
    • ‘Anatomically, the ear is divided into three sections.’
    • ‘Those muscles below the mandible are anatomically described as being above or below the hyoid bone.’
    • ‘This fossil was anatomically a member of our own species, yet molecular evidence suggests he was unrelated to the ancestors of any modern human.’
    • ‘They're anatomically engineered to conform to the foot, and they come with a padded sole and a sweat-wicking wool interior.’
    • ‘Be as anatomically specific as possible in your observations and instructions.’
    • ‘His little sister is doing anatomically correct crayon drawings for you to hang on the fridge.’
    • ‘Arthroscopic surgery has helped us in many circumstances to repair tissues anatomically.’
    • ‘The toymaker's version of "beauty" sets a standard for young girls that is unhealthy and anatomically improbable.’
    • ‘They express themselves by role playing with anatomically incorrect action figures.’