Definition of anastomose in English:



  • Link or be linked by anastomosis:

    [no object] ‘adjacent veins may anastomose’
    ‘these anastomose with branches of the carotid artery’
    [with object] ‘the graft is anastomosed to the vein of the recipient’
    • ‘This branch enters the skull through the superior orbital fissure or a small foramen in the greater wing of the sphenoid to anastomose with the ophthalmic artery.’
    • ‘The nodules were wrapped by anastomosing networks of blood vessels, reminiscent of the cotyledons of a placenta.’
    • ‘Using an operating microscope, the cut and often fibrosed ends of the vas deferens are dissected free from surrounding tissue and anastomosed using fine nylon sutures to re-establish patency.’
    • ‘The left renal may anastomose with the splenic vein and receive lumbar veins.’
    • ‘At age 4, a left systemic-to-pulmonary fistula was performed, using a tubular prosthesis to anastomose the left subclavian artery to the left pulmonary artery.’


Late 17th century: coined in French from Greek anastomōsis (see anastomosis).