Definition of anastigmatic in English:



  • (of a lens system) constructed so that the astigmatism of each element is cancelled out.

    • ‘Important special cases of stationary anastigmatic mounts and their performance are presented.’
    • ‘It is thus an object of this invention to provide a three mirror anastigmatic optical system employing conic mirrors wherein the system is off-axis in both aperture and field angle.’
    • ‘A table of parameters for anastigmatic lenses is included.’
    • ‘Devices that reduce technical difficulty and anastigmatic time when repairing large vessels such as the thoracic aorta would be beneficial.’
    • ‘By increasing 2, as compared to the anastigmatic design, the coma can be cancelled completely.’


Late 19th century: from an- ‘not’ + astigmatic (see astigmatism).