Definition of anarchic in English:



  • 1With no controlling rules or principles to give order.

    ‘an anarchic and bitter civil war’
    • ‘The subway became a symbol of anarchic ruin, ruled over by criminally undisciplined dark-skinned youths.’
    • ‘But beyond is an anarchic order in which regional powers and non-state actors complicate traditional notions of deterrence.’
    • ‘It is true that I wouldn't advocate the rule of the anarchic mob any more than the Cat.’
    • ‘Realists portray the world as one that is dominated by states; it is anarchic, in the sense that states, being sovereign actors, recognize no higher authority.’
    • ‘They fail to pursue collaborative strategies because they expect the other members of the anarchic system to pursue competitive strategies.’
    • ‘Of course, this anarchic competition among rival capitals could destroy us all, bosses included, in a nuclear catastrophe.’
    • ‘He is astonished by the stunted lives and anarchic behaviour of Londoners through history, never questioning why they are like this.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the alternative to a single superpower is not a multilateral utopia but the anarchic nightmare of a new Dark Age.’
    • ‘The very notion of a free market in legal services conjures up the image of anarchic gang warfare or rule by organized crime…’
    • ‘First, the international system is anarchic and based on the principle of self-help.’
    • ‘While there is no question that his verbiage is infuriating at times, I think it's a mistake to see him as nothing but an anarchic, anti-rationalist nihilist.’
    • ‘The guile with which opposition leaders have packaged, branded and represented the Cedar Revolution has been an anarchic tour de force.’
    • ‘Capitalism at the beginning of the 21st century is again creating such situations, with its anarchic globalisation of production and finance.’
    • ‘On the contrary, it is only by virtue of the irrational and anarchic nature of the profit system that such a development could take place.’
    • ‘Outside the cities, in the towns and villages, the situation is even more anarchic with local militia leaders and tribal chiefs battling for control.’
    • ‘It is the drive for profit and the anarchic nature of capitalist development that creates concrete monstrosities on pristine sites of natural beauty.’
    • ‘Scholars often characterize international relations as the interaction of sovereign states in an anarchic world.’
    • ‘The wildly anarchic chaos created by the Marx Brothers at their best was a breath of fresh air, and their contempt for authority figures struck a chord with Milligan.’
    • ‘More fundamentally, the protracted power outage demonstrated the anarchic state of the electrical power system as a whole.’
    • ‘Venetian art is so supple, sensual, lavish with colour: and so anarchic with the rules of genre.’
    lawless, without law and order, unruly, in disorder, disordered, disorganized, chaotic, in turmoil, turbulent
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    1. 1.1 (of comedy or humour) uncontrolled by convention.
      ‘his anarchic wit’
      • ‘He remained in character as the anarchic comedian - on and off set - throughout the film shoot.’
      • ‘The anarchic comedy of these performers effectively tempers Baxter's tendency towards deferential sentimentalism.’
      • ‘The evening was rounded off with a screening of the anarchic comedy film The Bed Sitting Room.’
      • ‘Black it certainly is; funny it certainly is, but, in reality, it is more of a symposium of anarchic, iconoclastic humour than a comedy in the pure sense of the word.’
      • ‘The combination of lively songs and anarchic wit marked the Big Yin out for great things.’
      • ‘They will traverse their heritage of anarchic comedy and be enriched in imagination and wit.’
      • ‘Ken Campbell's slapstick take on the nursery rhyme for Unicorn Theatre bears the old rogue's unmistakable signatures of anarchic humour and lurking menace.’
      • ‘It's best compared to the anarchic humour of some of Warner Brothers classics, which is saying something really.’
      • ‘That seemingly anarchic humour is thoroughly planned.’
      • ‘After some lean years, the spirit of indie US cinema is alive and kicking again and this may be the most anarchic romantic comedy since the heyday of screwball.’
      • ‘The anarchic sensibility of your early films seems to display that same enthusiasm.’
      • ‘The most refreshing aspect of Beyond The Valley… is the morbidly anarchic and childish humour displayed in the lyrics.’
      • ‘Next week will see the launch of a major television and billboard advertising campaign that aims to tap into the same vein of gently anarchic humour that made the Wonka name.’
      • ‘We feel free to laugh at his anarchic humour because we can feel we're laughing at fascism and the human stupidity that reinforces fascism.’
      • ‘Banned until 11 years after his death, Vigo's anarchic comedy about a boys' boarding school influenced Lindsay Anderson's If.’
      • ‘Clowns are, in a sense, anarchic, but they also have to be sensitive as to where they create anarchy and chaos.’
      • ‘The programme returns for a new series of anarchic musical comedy on Tuesday 22 March at 6.30 pm.’
      • ‘Howard Spencer-Mosley enjoys taking the mick with his alternative York guided tours and anarchic stand-up.’