Definition of anapaestic in English:


(US anapestic)

Pronunciation /anəˈpiːstɪk//anəˈpɛstɪk/


  • See anapaest

    • ‘‘The Beautiful Changes’ consists of three six-line stanzas in loose iambics with an anapestic lilt.’
    • ‘Australian psychiatrist Dr John Diamond discovered that the muscles go weak when subjected to ‘stopped anapestic beat of hard rock.’’
    • ‘But the repetition of ‘call to me’ in its dactylic form makes a continuous anapaestic reading impossible, and the stress dactyls in the following lines makes it clearly inappropriate.’
    • ‘This anapaestic rhyme comes from Westmounter Harry Mayerovitch, author of Limericks for Hereticks.’
    • ‘That poem, ‘The Pig and the Rooster,’ was in anapestic tetrameter, the poetic meter of ‘The Night before Christmas.’’