Definition of anamnestic in English:



  • Denoting an enhanced reaction of the body's immune system to an antigen which is related to one previously encountered.

    • ‘Studies conducted in later years have shown that anamnestic antibody response exists within a group and is not related to all the subtypes.’
    • ‘It is worth adding to this risk assessment of 17D that those having repeat 17D vaccination probably have little to fear as they can be expected to make an anamnestic response to 17D that will rapidly suppress viraemia.’
    • ‘This rapid platelet decrease suggests an anamnestic response (i.e. a rapid immune response to new antigens by an already primed immune system).’
    • ‘The authors found that although antibody levels decline within three to four years after the vaccination regimen is completed, there is a high anamnestic response to an HbsAg challenge as well as a very low incidence of HBV infection.’
    • ‘Sensitizer-induced asthma requires a latency period, is immunologic, manifesting an anamnestic response by definition, and is marked by specific airway responsiveness upon appropriate challenge with the causative agent.’