Definition of analyse in English:


(US analyze)


[with object]
  • 1Examine (something) methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain and interpret it.

    ‘we need to analyse our results more clearly’
    • ‘In order to analyze controversy, we must formulate a more precise question, develop an experimental approach to collect and analyze data, then interpret the results.’
    • ‘In print (and on blogs and elsewhere) we should analyze the charges in detail and keep an accurate, truthful record of the entire episode.’
    • ‘Speck disagreed with my assessment of the dream and my theory that dreams are easily analyzed and interpreted.’
    • ‘The 40 page catalog is densely packed with images spanning the artist's career while texts by Mark Alice Durant and Spaid poetically interpret and analyze the work.’
    • ‘The academics secretly observed them in bars during evenings out, analysing their behaviour in detail for half an hour, then following their success afterwards.’
    • ‘These results can be explained by analyzing the mutant trajectories.’
    • ‘It is important for us to keep our options open and to analyse the options in detail to see which is the best for York City.’
    • ‘I don't analyse visitor statistics in detail, just a one line summary each day, so I've no way of telling who was the two-millionth visitor.’
    • ‘I think of it, instead, as trying to help them articulate their ideas, analyze the material, explain what they think.’
    • ‘Its value depends on the patterns which it creates and the way in which it is analysed and interpreted.’
    • ‘With all the visual trickery it offers, it doesn't really give you much opportunity to think and analyze it in such detail.’
    • ‘All the authors analysed the data, interpreted the results, and drafted the manuscript.’
    • ‘Or, I've analysed the situation and explained it to my readers.’
    • ‘It was essential that the theories be analyzed to examine and evaluate their content.’
    • ‘This, he explains, would analyse our make-do-and-mend culture, our suspicion of the bravely new, our ingrained preference for the status quo.’
    • ‘We can now analyze this process by examining each stage in more detail.’
    • ‘The supermarket came by its results by analysing the sale of romantic products - flowers, chocolate and champagne - for all its stores across the region.’
    • ‘As he himself said, MB itself would have wished the Judge had analysed the issues and explained himself more fully.’
    • ‘Survey research, regardless of how it is conducted or whom it surveys, must often be interpreted with caution when analyzing the results.’
    • ‘Richard Baehr is a math genius, who can analyze numbers and explain them better than anyone I know of.’
    examine, inspect, survey, scan, study, scrutinize, look over, peruse
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    1. 1.1 Discover or reveal (something) through close examination.
      with clause ‘he tried to analyse exactly what was going on’
      • ‘However, this problem deepens because no matter how well it is analysed and discovered, nothing serious is done to fight corruption.’
      • ‘It reflects my personal belief in the objectivity of the United Nations narrative, and is only intended for setting the stage for analyzing Arafat's role in the events.’
      • ‘She did not give up until she intended to, but she carried the ability to analyze the worth of an action by its consequences.’
      • ‘This article focuses on some of the more important and relevant inventions and discoveries of ancient Indians and attempts to analyze the reasons why these scientists never received their due credit.’
    2. 1.2 Identify and measure the chemical constituents of (a substance or specimen)
      ‘this DNA can be analysed by various methods, including full base sequencing’
      • ‘They also analyzed fatty acid composition of the larvae powder.’
      • ‘Researchers analyzing the substance quickly discover its amazing property.’
      • ‘This combination of biology and computing has evolved out of the gene chip, and offers a potentially quick and easy way to identify and analyse the proteins in a cell.’
      • ‘In analyzing the actual content of the perzine, one discovers a number of strategies deployed in the construction and performance of social identity.’
      • ‘These samples will then be analysed to discover the composition and activity of any microbes present.’
      • ‘Qualitative analysis can also analyze a mixture to determine the precise percentage composition of the sample in terms of elements, radicals, and compounds.’
      • ‘Polonium was the first element to be discovered by Marie Curie and her husband Pierre as they analyzed pitchblende, an ore of uranium, in 1898.’
      • ‘Analytical chemistry is that area of chemistry that develops methods to identify substances by analyzing and quantitating the exact composition of a mixture.’
      • ‘We've gotten a monomer from the most effective formula by analyzing its ingredients and chemical components.’
      • ‘Ray in a fit of remorse confessed to the police, who analysed the drink and discovered it was incapable of causing death.’
      • ‘Von Reichenstein made his discovery while analyzing a sample of gold from a colleague that contained an unknown impurity.’
      • ‘The results that came back on the two lots analyzed by the laboratory were quite revealing, to say the least.’
      • ‘Fajans and Göhring were analyzing the mixture of substances found when isotopes of uranium undergo radioactive decay.’
      • ‘That kind of resolution allows exquisitely exact areas to be analyzed for chemical composition.’
      • ‘The Tenebrio larval powder was then analyzed to determine the protein, amino acid, and fat composition.’
      • ‘A comparison between all the techniques used to analyse calcite cements reveals subtle differences between injected and depositional sandstones.’
      • ‘A report has been made to Sattahip district chief Pongpat Wongtrakul, and the chemical substance is being analyzed.’
      • ‘Over nearly a century, chemists continued to analyze cerite, eventually discovering a total of seven new elements in it.’
      • ‘Fatty acid methyl esters were analyzed by gas chromatography as described above.’
      • ‘The charcoal tubes were desorbed with 1 ml of methylene chloride and analyzed by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.’
      break down, resolve, separate, reduce, decompose, disintegrate, dissect, divide, assay, test
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    3. 1.3Grammar Resolve (a sentence) into its grammatical elements; parse.
      • ‘Wh-questions, for example, are analyzed as having the wh-word in situ.’
      • ‘The number of these that can be analyzed as ‘subject, verb, object’ is zero.’
      • ‘You'll be analyzing far more complex sentences by Level 6!’
      • ‘The reason they failed was because they didn't have the ability to suitably analyze the original Korean sentence for translation into English.’
      • ‘First, the words can be exhaustively analysed into their component morphemes.’
  • 2Psychoanalyse (someone).

    • ‘Casey says he got letters from psychologists, who were analyzing his personality through how he coached that game.’
    • ‘But I hate, and have always hated people trying to analyse me.’
    • ‘Trent starred for a moment, analyzing me carefully.’
    • ‘He looked at me for a moment, seriously analyzing me before answering simply, ‘I think you're a wonderful person.’’
    • ‘In the first part the narrators reveal and analyze their own natures as well as their corrective visions of the world.’
    • ‘His second major contribution is to analyze the underlying causes of the behavior he discovers.’
    • ‘I've been analyzing you four, and he is the weakest link.’
    • ‘I am not going to pass any judgement on the people who lit candles in Tehran, and I do not intend to analyse their behavior to see why they did it.’
    • ‘The entire novel must be read in the light of the comic paradox whereby Zeno thinks he is analysing himself while at the same time being certain that psychoanalysis lacks the means to analyse him.’
    • ‘My heart is racing at the thought of these people analyzing me simply from a piece of paper and from me sitting here answering questions very professionally.’
    • ‘An audience of both genders tries to discover whom the imposters are, by asking questions and analyzing the panel members' answers.’
    • ‘‘Something is not right with me,’ the player admitted, as psychologists started to analyse his personality on TV.’
    • ‘I found myself analyzing him, looking for flaws; weaknesses that I could use against him, to my advantage.’
    • ‘Gazza was fed up with people analysing him and wanted to tell his own story.’
    • ‘It is part technical consultation and part writing and analyzing characters as though they were patients and suggesting psychologically accurate storylines for them to follow.’
    • ‘Counselors try to analyze me but can't give my parents an explanation.’
    • ‘But watching Michael dance, his face was unguarded for the first time that day, she found herself analyzing him instead.’
    • ‘Whether it was analyzing Lee Trevino or counseling Mickey Wright, Penick stressed remaining true to your natural swing tendencies while observing a few basic guidelines.’
    • ‘Jasmine's head swivelled slowly and located the person that was analysing her.’
    • ‘He must have realized that trying to analyse someone who was not ill and not asking for help was a futile exercise from the patient's point of view, though not from his own.’


Late 16th century: influenced by French analyser, from medieval Latin analysis (see analysis).