Definition of analepsis in English:



  • 1rare Ascension or assumption into heaven. Compare ascension, assumption. Now rare.

  • 2Literary Criticism
    Literary Criticism. The narration of an event at a point later than its chronological place in a story; an instance of this, a flashback.


Mid 17th century (in an earlier sense). From post-classical Latin analepsis repetition and its etymon ancient Greek ἀνάληψις (in Hellenistic Greek also ἀνάλημψις) action of taking up or back, recovery from illness, suspension in a sling, in Hellenistic Greek also ascension (New Testament), repetition from ἀνά- + -ληψις, after ἀναλαμβάνειν to take up, recover. Compare French analepsie recovery from illness.