Definition of anagrammatical in English:



  • See anagram

    • ‘One anagrammatical combination shows up here.’
    • ‘In the battle of imaginary bad men, the hostilities between Satan and Santa are more or less an anagrammatical draw.’
    • ‘Her sensitivity to anagrammatical and typographical detail allows her to see ‘open’ in ‘persons,’ ‘in her’ in ‘inner,’ and, troublingly, ‘evil’ in ‘live’ (a word which she plays off her heroine's name).’
    • ‘Probably Denmark's best country band, Tahmias Hilltot is led by the anagrammatical Matthias Lilholt.’
    • ‘So we made a joke of it, signing off his articles with pseudonyms ranging from the obvious Dario G to the anagrammatical Dan U. Arsedish.’