Definition of anagrammatic in English:



  • See anagram

    • ‘He would write using anagrammatic versions of his own name like Ogdred Weary or Dogear Wryde and he would draw eerie wonderlands and stately homes and would populate them with the strangest of people engaged in the cruellest of acts.’
    • ‘The anagrammatic variety are more clever than piercing, however.’
    • ‘‘Crenshaw is a juicy melon,’ she begins; and then proceeds to reel off a head-spinning string of anagrammatic threats and boasts such as ‘I'd rend your cares with my shears.’’
    • ‘The dexterous, anagrammatic intelligence of Eyeshot, Heather McHugh's seventh collection, nearly overwhelms.’
    • ‘The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Adam Pierce, the anagrammatic Mice Parade have consistently released genre-bending albums of hypnotic acoustic music.’