Definition of anaglyph in English:



  • 1Photography
    A stereoscopic photograph with the two images superimposed and printed in different colours, usually red and green, producing a stereo effect when viewed with appropriate filters over each eye.

    • ‘It's interesting to compare the latter images with Earth's Grand Canyon; see NASA's Visible Earth or this anaglyph (or, if you prefer, this ordinary stereogram) from the Eagle Eye Maps Experiments Page.’
    • ‘What the scientists can do - and have done - is unite the in-focus elements of each picture in the series and create anaglyphs that present a three-dimensional view of the outcrop and the terrain of the crater floor.’
    • ‘These anaglyphs of Nirgal Valles and Maja Valles make it perfectly clear we're seeing deep flat-bottomed canyons with dune systems of some sort.’
    • ‘It may not be by name, but more people are likely familiar with anaglyphs than any other form of 3D images.’
    • ‘In order to make an anaglyph you need two slightly off-set images.’
  • 2An object, such as a cameo, embossed or carved in low relief.

    • ‘It maintains traces of old murals and anaglyphs of early Christian symbols.’
    • ‘Above, the king, protected by Isis, makes the offering of his anaglyph to Khonsu, who now wears the feathers that are more characteristic of Montu.’


Late 16th century (in anaglyph (sense 2)): from Greek anagluphē, from ana- ‘up’ + gluphē (from gluphein ‘carve’). anaglyph (sense 1) dates from the late 19th century.