Definition of anabiotic in English:



  • See anabiosis

    • ‘And then the wonder happened: a few days after the exsiccator was filled with plain tap water, the seemingly dead (anabiotic) eggs awakened to life!’
    • ‘When anabiotic, tardigrades look like they are dead - they don't move, don't breathe and their metabolism is undetectable.’
    • ‘‘Recent research [shows] that extremely severe conditions of cosmic environments do not exclude the possibility that microorganisms may exist in anabiotic states at high altitudes in interplanetary space,’ he wrote in a recent paper.’
    • ‘Evidence suggests that glacial ice cannot support bacterial growth but rather traps these organisms for considerable lengths of time in an anabiotic state.’
    • ‘We put hearts, blood and semen of the lab animals into an anabiotic capsule designed and built by our team.’