Definition of an article of faith in English:

an article of faith


  • A firmly held belief.

    ‘it was an article of faith with this circle that women must free themselves’
    • ‘My experience is that the two propositions set forth in the preceding paragraph are articles of faith among this crowd.’
    • ‘Their conviction rests on seven articles of faith, carefully passed from person to person at all levels of the black community.’
    • ‘A creed is meant to summarize the explicit teachings or articles of faith, to imbed and thus protect and transmit the beliefs.’
    • ‘One of the ironies of multiculturalism is its inconsistency with the other tenets of the liberal articles of faith, such as feminism.’
    • ‘It's become an article of faith among environmentalists, the idea of the Ecological Indian.’
    principle, belief, doctrine, precept, creed, credo, article of faith, dogma, canon, rule
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