Definition of amtrac in English:


(also amtrak)


  • An amphibious tracked vehicle used for landing assault troops on a shore.

    • ‘As a result, the Marines would have to depend on thin-skinned amphibian tractors, or amtracs, barely tested at Guadalcanal.’
    • ‘After Galvanic, all the major amphibious assaults took place with wave upon wave of amtracs leading the assault.’
    • ‘The idea was that if you wanted to invade in island with people shooting at you, which I usually didn't, the Navy would drop amtracs in the water, stuffed with 37 combat-equipped infantrymen.’
    • ‘The redesign program was intended to return the amtrak to Marine Corps standards.’
    • ‘The vessels pitched and swayed, and it took timing and luck to drop into the amtracs cleanly.’
    • ‘In the pocket of his jacket was the straight razor he intended using on any enemies who might try to jump in the amtrac with him.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there were only half enough amtracs, and no amtanks at all, and the consequences were bloody.’
    • ‘As no amtracs were then available, the soldiers had to walk in from the reef.’
    • ‘Then the amtracs came in, crashing through the swali-covered fence near the front gate.’
    • ‘Although some amtracs turned back, most of the force got across, whereupon the defenders faded away.’
    • ‘The greatest strength of amtracs is our flexibility.’
    • ‘These amtracs were manned with 30 caliber machine guns and were spread around our perimeter.’
    • ‘There were 2 kinds of amtracs, and we Trackers always want to be certain about the distinction between us.’
    • ‘The authors also searched official archives for pictures that show the agonies of combat, and in these one often sees the very tanks and amtracs that still remain on distant invasion beaches.’
    • ‘Instead, the aging amtracs are negotiating mine fields of urban detritus, swimming through ruined neighborhoods six feet beneath the fetid water.’
    • ‘The Marines had to bail over the high sides of the amtracs taking heavy fire from machine guns and mortars.’
    • ‘We were lying on the hatch cover where our amtracs were stored when someone mentioned that, if we fell asleep, surely someone would wake us before they removed the hatch cover.’


Second World War: blend of amphibious and tractor.