Definition of amputation in English:



mass noun
  • The action of surgically cutting off a limb.

    ‘gangrene may appear and make amputation necessary’
    count noun ‘in the United Kingdom there are about 5,000 major amputations a year’
    • ‘In 2003, he contracted an infection that resulted in the amputation of part of his leg.’
    • ‘Nine out of ten surgical operations, many of them amputations, are linked to diabetes.’
    • ‘Amputation of a leg is a relatively common procedure in dogs of all sizes.’
    • ‘Following amputation of a newt limb, there is a rapid migration of epidermal cells over the wound surface.’
    • ‘It was held that the defendant remained responsible for the initial disability after the amputation.’
    • ‘Very severe nerve damage sometimes requires a tail amputation.’
    • ‘There is no reference to the circumstance that the amputation of the plaintiff's leg was the result of a tort as a factor relevant to the decision.’
    • ‘This just increases the phantom pains from the amputation.’
    • ‘An order was made forbidding the amputation without the patient's written consent.’
    • ‘The majority of thumb amputations occur in industrial or agricultural settings and involve power machinery.’