Definition of amply in English:



  • Enough or more than enough; plentifully.

    ‘the persistent reader is amply rewarded’
    • ‘Overall, the show amply demonstrated why her work has been greeted with such enthusiasm in her native country.’
    • ‘The abbey was amply provisioned.’
    • ‘The dictionary is amply illustrated and contains useful and informative entries on every aspect of popular music as well as classical.’
    • ‘The cast performs with amply sufficient talent and British inflection.’
    • ‘The soloist amply betrays his great love for this music, which he interprets with supreme artistry yet restrained enthusiasm.’
    • ‘As the diary amply reveals, few authors have worked so long with such a heightened awareness of the gap between living and writing.’
    • ‘They have written a clearly organized and amply documented work.’
    • ‘The self-portraits are amply represented here, 15 altogether.’
    • ‘This was a production which amply deserved its sell-out success.’
    • ‘In most of these compositions, the physical routine of executing difficult rhythms is amply reinforced by plenty of repetition.’