Definition of amplification in English:



mass noun
  • 1The process of increasing the volume of sound, especially using an amplifier.

    ‘even without amplification, her voice carries to the farthest corners’
    • ‘Despite some amplification of the string sounds, there was considerable clarity of texture.’
    • ‘All special lighting, amplification, loudspeakers, and audio-visual equipment is in the sole charge of the owners' staff.’
    • ‘We did the gig without amplification, and I didn't do especially well.’
    • ‘The question of amplification then arises for quiet instruments or voices.’
    • ‘The show was presented without amplification, and some soloists were lost in the ensemble.’
    • ‘Electronic intervention is unavoidable in reproduced music, at least in terms of amplification and recording procedure.’
    • ‘I wanted to run my mixing desk in, which would have had the effect of giving my guitar some amplification.’
    • ‘Beneath the din, it is an often catchy and always well-crafted folk-rock record, disguised by amplification as "serious music."’
    • ‘All the amplification in world can't make up for a lack of soul, providing more proof that some genres just don't rock.’
    • ‘An impassioned speech to a massive crowd can be heard clearly in the 400th row without any means of amplification.’
    1. 1.1 The action of increasing the amplitude of an electrical signal or other oscillation.
      ‘the amplification of radio signals is possible’
      • ‘A tube could test "good" and also be bad if it suffers from "gas," a condition that can cause extremely nonlinear amplification.’
      • ‘Their new laser technology and manufacturing processes will be used in both beam generation and amplification.’
      • ‘Their principal product groupings include amplification and signal transmission products.’
      • ‘Improvements in MSR technology will provide amplification of the reflected signal in addition to simply isolating the bit.’
      • ‘They called it a MASER, for "microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation."’
      • ‘This is a new technology of digital amplification, which can be applied across a wide range of applications including consumer audio amplifiers and DSL lines.’
      • ‘Over 3,900 watts of onboard amplification with active signal processing are standard.’
      • ‘The low, hypnotic hum created by the amplification of sound waves as they traveled through water reverberated throughout the dark tank.’
      • ‘The company is also working on laser amplification, which will eliminate the need for active optical switching.’
      • ‘The song "Radioactivity," regarding Geiger counters and transmitters, is a paean to all devices of wave motion and amplification.’
    2. 1.2 The action of making something more marked or intense.
      ‘you're an actor in that you are using emotion and amplification of ideas to make your point’
      • ‘Online education can be an environment for collaboration and intellectual amplification.’
      • ‘Imagine a "Sewers of Paris" computer game with an appropriate olfactory amplification.’
      • ‘As well-meshed teams and peer groups become easier to form, we might see a general amplification of human satisfaction.’
      • ‘Such tearing can thus act as a reflective amplification of the image of art through the photographic image.’
      • ‘The amplification of flavors is particularly tricky with frozen yogurt, as the acids can be accentuated by vanilla ingredients.’
      • ‘Simultaneous use of two agents is not recommended due to the potential amplification of drug toxicity.’
      • ‘The amazement that these shots can awaken is the amplification of the experience itself.’
      • ‘These environmental factors can contribute either to the reduction or amplification of stress in the workplace.’
      • ‘I got the name "Liza Normal" because Liza is an amplification of all my most craven, fame-seeking impulses.’
      • ‘The amplification of intense racism and fears of separatism reverberated in the local, vernacular context.’
  • 2The action of enlarging upon or adding detail to a story or statement.

    ‘the words 'no real prospect of succeeding' do not need any amplification’
    count noun ‘thanks to all who wrote in with corrections and amplifications’
    • ‘It is a fiction constructed through collection and amplification of the mundane.’
    • ‘All this concern for addition, layering, and amplification buries the ostensible subject of the novel and instead draws attention to itself.’
    • ‘This is easy to demonstrate, and indeed requires no amplification.’
    • ‘His narrative technique links texts that are otherwise quite different in subject matter, thereby creating a sense of amplification.’
    • ‘In subsequent stories, Nick's career as a soldier receives further amplification.’
    • ‘There is little need for amplification—for example, the "City" chapter sets the London-based pieces in the context of his life there.’
    • ‘He intends to modify the historical truth with a fictional amplification of the role of the Armenian expressionist.’
    • ‘Antithesis is not a facile device of rhetorical amplification, as the adversaries of Romanticism have contended.’
    • ‘The challenge of the poet's act was to present it as an amplification of the activities of living in ordinary circumstances.’
    • ‘More of the same and with no further amplification of the ideas in the main gallery makes the offerings upstairs redundant.’
  • 3Genetics
    The action of making multiple copies of a gene or DNA sequence.

    ‘a technique known as random amplification of polymorphic DNA’
    count noun ‘sequences were obtained from multiple amplifications from individual samples’
    • ‘High-level amplification was revealed by comparative genomic hybridization.’
    • ‘We analyzed gene mutations in patients who died of thrombotic events, using multiplex allele-specific polymerase chain reaction amplification.’
    • ‘Separate rooms were used for preparation of DNA, its amplification, and analysis of the amplified products.’
    • ‘The was no amplification of DNA of any of the microorganisms and human DNA tested.’
    • ‘This advanced nucleic acid amplification test is rapidly gaining importance in diagnostic microbiology.’
    • ‘Amplification with both normal and mutant primers indicates the heterozygous deletion of that type.’
    • ‘In this study, no amplification of hemolytic streptococci was seen indicating the high specificity of this typing method.’
    • ‘Quality control was performed to ensure the tissue specimens contained sufficient quantity of nucleic acids for amplification testing.’
    • ‘The method used to produce the source of DNA in the amplification protocol was standardized.’
    • ‘From this lysate, a dilution was prepared and used as a source of DNA in amplification reaction.’