Definition of amphisbaenian in English:


adjective & noun

  • See Amphisbaenia

    • ‘Other authors have used morphological evidence in support of a relationship of snakes to a clade comprising amphisbaenians and dibamids.’
    • ‘Caecilians, urodeles and some anurans, snakes, amphisbaenians and some lizards have a stapes, which may be attached to the shoulder girdle or skin, and are well suited to detecting low frequency vibrations from the substrate.’
    • ‘Extant humeralrotation diggers exhibit broad palms and short non-ungual phalanges, and include moles and some frogs and amphisbaenians.’
    • ‘In snakes and amphisbaenians M. iliocostalis has its origin from either a tendon (most squamates) or a tendonous sheet arising from the anteroventral half of M. longissimus dorsi.’
    • ‘Scleroglossa is a diverse and speciose group including all remaining lizard families, plus snakes and amphisbaenians.’