Definition of amour courtois in English:

amour courtois


  • another term for courtly love
    • ‘Even the poor got to sample a bit of it, because the cult of the Virgin and amour courtois essentially are facets of the same gem.’
    • ‘Concerning itself for the most part with an exploration of the darker side of the psyche as this collection does, the some half dozen love poems, though passionate and steeped in the rich tradition of the Irish amour courtois, exude an overriding feeling of angst and vanitas at the realisation of the transitory nature of existence.’
    • ‘To St George, in his chivalry, she would have been his liege lady in a higher form of amour courtois.’
    • ‘It is by accepting or rejecting their advice that he shows himself to be worthy, and in the process teaches us the intricate rules of amour courtois.’




amour courtois

/əˌmʊə kɔːˈtwʌ//amuʀ kuʀtwa/