Definition of amorousness in English:



  • See amorous

    • ‘He goes on to compare his love with the contagious disease by detailing how his amorousness has led to his weight loss and burning.’
    • ‘Upon hearing her voice on my machine, I was torn between amorousness and horror, especially because the growing anger in her voice was astonishing.’
    • ‘A fatal disease - tuberculosis, also called consumption - provided a favorite metaphor to represent the destructiveness of feverish emotions, such as pining or amorousness.’
    • ‘‘There remained only those rare periods of amorousness, which still came to them at times but did not last long.’’
    • ‘The amorousness of youth has little to do with the desire for the union of souls; what Shakespeare mocks time and again is the borrowing of the imagery of the union of souls for something far more immediate and specific and transitory.’